Three Steps To Rationing A Hard Money Loan To Complete Your Distressed Property


The purchase of a distressed property can always be a gamble, especially if you are not sure you will be able to get a home equity line of credit or traditional mortgage. If you have purchased the property outright, you have more options than just the traditional mortgage offerings for a home. If you are interested in getting a distressed property set up so that you can get the home completed for living in, you can apply for a hard money loan. Hard money lenders will give you money based on assets. Here are some ways that you can structure a hard money loan to get the property completed. 

Get a certificate of occupancy inspection

In order to figure out where to put the money from your hard loan, you will need a certificate of occupancy inspection. You can hire a contractor to come out and perform the inspection or you could have the city come out and perform the inspection themselves. They will be able to let you know the bare minimum work that must be done to the home before you can legally reside in the house. The inspection should give you a list of the items that must be fixed, plus what is already up to code. 

Work on water and electrical first

The plumbing and electrical systems of a home should not just be brought up to code, but updated to the latest systems. This provides the most bang for your buck, as it will keep you from needing to make any changes later on. Be sure that the pipes will last for many decades and that the electrical systems are wired in a way that will allow you to install light dimmers and switches that can be enabled via smartphones. 

Weather proof the home

One of the things that you can find in a distressed or incomplete property is the lack of weather proofing. Whether this is the installation of hurricane shutters or rebuilding the gutters to handle heavy rain, you should weather proof the home. This insures that your home will not receive any damage due to bad weather. This will also make the property easily insurable, making it inhabitable for you. Once the home is properly weatherproofed, you will be able to move into the property without fear of needing yet another loan to fix any damage that comes along as a result of the seasons. 


1 June 2017

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