3 Things to Ask a Bail Bondsman When You Call


After finding out that a spouse, friend or family member is in jail, the first thing that you probably want to do is call a bail bondsman. When doing so, it is a good idea to ask a few questions. Then you'll know what to expect and will be able to take care of the situation properly.

1. What Type of Fee Do You Charge?

First of all, you will probably want to inquire about the fee that the bondsman charges. Usually, this is based off of a percentage of your loved one's bail amount. If you are unsure of whether or not you are getting a good deal, you can always call around and ask other bondsmen. Please note that when you pay a bondsman to get your loved one out of jail, you will not receive this money back, even after your loved one goes to court. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to look for a bondsman who charges a lower percentage, if possible.

2. When Will You Get My Loved One Out of Jail?

It is important to ask when the bondsman is planning on going and getting your loved one out of jail. Many bondsmen work 24 hours a day and are able to go and get someone out at any time of the night or day, so if the bondsman that you are talking to says that it's going to be a while, you may be able to call another bondsman to get things done more quickly.

3. What are Your Preferred Payment Methods?

Just as with other businesses, different bail bondsmen accept different types of payment methods. Some prefer to receive cash money only, so you may want to find out about this first so that you can go to the ATM if necessary. Some will take credit or debit cards, which might be more convenient for you, particularly if you are going to be using your credit card as a means of funding the payment. Asking beforehand can help you ensure that you are prepared to make the payment.

If you have found yourself in a situation in which you need to call a bail bondsman to get your loved one out of jail, you might not be too happy with what is going on right now. If you are working with a bondsman, however, asking the right questions can help you handle the situation properly and can help ensure that things go smoothly. For more information, contact a business such as All Night & Day Bailbonds.


28 June 2017

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