College Student Needs Bailed Out Of Jail? Understand The Conditions Of Bail


If you have just received a phone call from your college student child asking you to bail them out of jail, it's likely you have a lot of questions on your mind, including: should you or shouldn't you bail them out of jail. Of course, you should. 

First, however, you'll want to be sure you and your college student fully understand the conditions of the bail. Sometimes, conditions of bail may be changed when there are special circumstances involved and a responsible party (you) posts bail. Here's what you need to know about bail conditions before you bail your college student out of jail.

Travel Restrictions?

Several of the typical bail conditions may be challenging for your college student to meet. One of these conditions in particular is a restriction on travel. This can present a problem if you plan on taking your college student back home and home is a distance away even if home is in the same state. 

However, since you will be posting bail for your college student by getting a bail bond from a bondsman, the judge may permit your college student to travel back and forth between home and the local jurisdiction as long as you are escorting your college student to and from home. The bail bondsman, however, may require more collateral if there are unusual conditions set by the judge. This is particularly true if your college student finds it difficult to refrain from behavior that may result in a failure of meeting the bail conditions, such as drinking alcohol if they were arrested for underage drinking. 

Mandatory Pretrial Check-Ins?

As part of the bail conditions, your college student will be required to check in with their probation officer and attend any pretrial meetings or classes as determined by the judge based on what your student has been charged with. For example, if your student was charged with driving while intoxicated, they will likely be ordered to attend substance abuse classes, testing, and counseling. They will also need to check in with the bail bondsman, particularly if they are permitted to travel. 

These types of requirements will typically be required to be fulfilled in the local jurisdiction where your college student was charged with criminal activity. If your student is pulling out of school and has no reason to remain in the local jurisdiction while they wait for their court dates, the judge may be willing to transfer these mandatory classes and sessions to your home's local jurisdiction. 

Contact a local bail bonds service to learn more.


17 January 2022

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