A Closer Look At The Process Of Obtaining A Bail Bond


Bail bonds are perhaps the fastest, most affordable, and most convenient way to bail someone you care for out of jail. However, if you have never needed to obtain a bail bond before, you may find that you have quite a few questions regarding the way the process works. Taking the time to review the information below can help you to better understand this process.

Step 1: Determining Bond Eligibility 

The first thing that will need to be done when visiting a bail bonds office is to determine whether or not the person you wish to bail out of jail is actually eligible for a bond. In order to do this, you will need to be able to provide the bondsman with the person's full legal name and their date of birth. This allows the bondsman to determine what crime they have been charged with if a bail amount has been set, whether there are any holds on their release, and if they have a history of failing to appear in court. All of this information will allow the bondsman to determine if the individual is eligible for a bond. 

Step 2: Applying For A Bail Bond

Assuming that the bondsman is willing to issue a bond for your loved one, you will need to complete an application for a bond. This application collects important information about you and your finances. In some cases, you may be asked to provide the bondsman with proof of income. This is to ensure you have the financial resources to pay the full amount of the bond if the person you are bailing out does not show up to all of their court dates. Once your application has been approved, you will need to sign a contract that legally obligates you to pay back the full bond amount if the terms of the bond are violated. 

Step 3: Posting Bond

Once all of your paperwork is in order and you have paid any fees that are due upfront, the bondman will issue a bond for the person you are bailing out. This bond is delivered to the jail by the bondsman. This is a service that many bondsmen offer 24/7 to allow for your loved one to be released as quickly as possible. Once the jail receives the bail bond, they will begin processing your loved one's release. How quickly this process is completed will depend completely upon the jail where your loved one is being held. However, most people are released within a few hours of their bond being posted. 


19 September 2022

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