Has Your Child Been Arrested? What To Consider Before Bailing Them Out Of Jail


Parents who have struggled through years of worry due to the destructive and addictive behaviors of an adult child are likely to know the significance of a late night telephone call from the local jail.

If this is not the first time that their son or daughter has reached out to them for help in getting released on bond after a drug or alcohol-related offense and there has been no improvement in the child's behavior, their parents may be uncertain about helping them again. If you are the parent holding the phone in this situation, here are some things to consider before you agree to pay their bond. 

Is an OR bond possible?

If the offense is a relatively minor one, your child may be able to be released on their own recognizance, sometimes called an OR or signature bond, until their court date.

A defendant who is released in this manner signs a written agreement that stipulates when they will need to appear in court and any other requirements they must agree to abide by. If this type of bond is available to your son or daughter, you will not have to make the difficult decision of whether or not you will help your child by providing their bail. 

Can your son or daughter afford to pay their own bail? 

If an OR or signature bond is unavailable in this circumstance, consider questioning your son or daughter to see if they have the funds available to pay for their own bond. Forcing your child to pay for their own bond is an excellent way to help them take more responsibility for their actions. 

Will your son or daughter suffer a serious problem if they are not bonded out?

Parents who are struggling with whether or not they should assist a substance-abusing adult child with bonding out of jail will need to consider the ramifications of that decision. If their son or daughter is employed and likely to lose their job if they remain in jail and cannot report for work or if there are children involved who would suffer without their presence, bailing them out is likely to be the best policy. 

Before agreeing to any bail bond arrangement for a son or daughter who is a repeat drug or alcohol offender, it is important that parents understand all terms of the bail bond agreement and how they will be affected if their child does not honor them. To do this, discuss the situation frankly with a reputable bail bond agent before you agree to post your son or daughter's bond. Contact a service, like Justice Bail Bonds to get started.


29 December 2018

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