Spouse Arrested? 2 Benefits Of Hiring A Bail Bond Agent


If your spouse was arrested and put in jail, then you may be able to get them out. This does depend on their crime, however. Getting  them released can be difficult to do on your own, especially if you have not dealt with anything like this before. To help, you should consider hiring a bail bond agent. Below are four benefits of utilizing this type of service, with information so you can get started on getting your spouse out.

Educate You on the Process

A bail bond agent can educate you on the process of getting your spouse out of jail. First, a bail bond is a way to get someone released from jail to wait for their trial date. The court will decide if your spouse will be offered bail. Courts will generally allow this unless the crime was severe, such as murder charges.

The court will decide on the bail amount. In the beginning, you do may not have to pay the entire bail money, but only a percentage of it. Instead of directly paying the court, a bondsman will take over the situation to get you started if you do not have the cash on hand and if you qualify for a bail loan. Once you pay the bail, your spouse must appear at their court hearing. If they do not, the entire bail amount will have to be paid back to the bail bond agent. If this happens, the bondsman will come after you, as the person that signed on the bond, as well as your spouse to get the money and to take your spouse back to jail.

Offer You Finance Solutions

You will have to show you have methods to pay back the agent in the event your spouse skips bail. You may need to put a car or house up for collateral, for example.

If you do not own a home or property, the bail bondsman may take other forms of collateral to cover the amount. For example, you may have a diamond ring, a vehicle, or something else of value. The item offered for collateral must cover the entire bond amount, however.

Talk with a bail bond service in your area to learn much more about how they can help you and what is expected in order to secure a bond. This will make things go much smoother for you and your spouse until their court hearing.


21 March 2019

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