The Perks Of Getting Out Of Jail Fast Instead Of Waiting For Arraignment Behind Bars


You end up in jail and have no money to pay the bail to get out. You assume waiting for your arraignment will be OK. It is at arraignment when your fate in jail is decided, so unless you post bail, you will have to wait until that court hearing to get out or learn your full sentence. It is far better to work with a 24/7 bail bonds agent to get out of jail instead. Here is a look at why. 

Prevent others from knowing you have been locked up. 

Going to jail is one of those things that happens that you may not want everyone you know to know about. Even though public records are fairly easy to access and most prisons and jails publish an inmate list online, the faster you are out of jail after being booked in the less of a chance there will be that everyone figures out what has taken place. Even though you can go to jail for some of the simplest reasons, such as not paying a fine or missing court, people tend to assume the worst when they learn you've been arrested. Bailing out as fast as possible can save a lot of unnecessary explaining. 

Get back to your job quickly instead of risking getting fired. 

There are laws that protect you in a lot of states from getting fired if you are sick or ailing, pregnant, or otherwise unable to work. However, if you go to jail, it is quite possible to lose your job. Arraignment can take a while to occur, so you may have to be off of work for several days, which most employers will not be so happy about. With a 24/7 bail bonds service, you can often be out of jail before your employer even knows anything has taken place. 

Avoid having to interact with other prisoners any longer than you have to. 

The longer you are in jail, the more interaction you will have with other people in jail. While not everyone in jail is going to be a bad person, there can be people in jail that you would rather not be around. It is estimated that anywhere from 2.3 and 3.9 percent of state prison inmates suffer from something like schizophrenia or a psychotic problem, and violence in jail settings is common. If you want to avoid interacting with people who may be hard to be around, it is best to go ahead and work with a bail bonds agency to get out quickly. 

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24 July 2019

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