What To Expect At A Bail Hearing


If you get arrested for a crime, you will be required to attend court hearings. One of the first hearings you must attend is a bail hearing. This hearing typically occurs within a few days of the arrest, and it serves a vital purpose in a criminal case. If you want to get out of jail through bail, you might have to attend this hearing before paying your bail. Here are several things you should expect at your bail hearing.

The Purpose of the Bail Hearing

A bail hearing is one of several hearings you must attend after your arrest. This hearing is the first one, and its purpose is to determine if the court should offer bail. Bail is something you can pay to get released now instead of waiting until your case settles, but courts do not always offer it. During this hearing, the court will review your case and record. If you have a lawyer, they should be at this meeting with you. Your lawyer can help convince the court to offer you bail. However, the court is ultimately responsible for deciding.

The Way Courts Set Bail

If the court decides to offer bail, they will factor in many things before setting the amount. The first thing they look at is the criminal charges you face. If the court believes that you pose safety risks to society due to the nature of the charges, they might deny bail. The second thing courts examine is the person's record. Do you have a long list of criminal charges in the past, or is this your first one? Your record plays a role in this decision. Courts might also view other factors when determining if they should offer bail and the amount of the bail.

The Options You Have for Getting Out of Jail

If the court offers bail in your case, you have several options for paying it. The two most common options are paying cash yourself and hiring a bail bond agent. Using a bail bond agent offers the most affordable way to get out of jail, but it also requires signing a contract. If you are not sure which option to use, contact a bail bond agent to learn more about the process.

Getting arrested has consequences, and one of these is paying bail to get out of jail. If you have questions about your bail or need help paying it, contact a bail bond agent in your city.


21 September 2020

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