What Is An Arraignment Hearing After An Arrest?


If you get arrested, you are not yet guilty of the crime. You must go through a legal process to determine the case's verdict, and this process takes time. When you get arrested, the police will book you into jail. After that, the police will take you to court for an arraignment hearing. If you do not understand what this is, it might be helpful to learn. Here are several vital things to understand about an arraignment hearing after an arrest.

The Hearing Occurs Within a Few Days

The first thing to know is that the arraignment hearing for your case will occur shortly after your arrest. It might occur the next day, or it might be a few days later. If your arrest occurs on the weekend, you may have to wait a little longer. In any case, the hearing should be within a few days of your arrest. If the court already set bail for your case, you can pay the bail with cash or through a bail bond agent before this hearing. If you do this, you will have to drive to the hearing. If you are still in jail, the police will drive you there.

The Arraignment Hearing Serves Several Vital Purposes

If this is your first criminal case, you might wonder about the purpose of the arraignment hearing. This hearing is a vital step in every criminal case, and it serves several primary purposes. The first purpose is to determine your bail amount if the court has not set an amount yet. The court will determine this by factoring in several vital things, including your criminal charges and criminal record. Once you know the bail amount, you can contact a bail bond agent for help with your release.

The next purpose of the arraignment hearing is to formally charge you with the criminal charges. The court will list the charges and will ask you if you have any questions. This hearing formally begins the criminal process for the charges.

The arraignment hearing also provides a chance for you to offer a plea for the charges. You can plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Most lawyers recommend pleading not guilty, but you can choose how to plead.

Finally, the arraignment hearing offers a chance for you to request a court-appointed lawyer. If you need a lawyer but cannot afford one, the court may give you one for free.

If you have any questions about your arraignment hearing or bail bond, contact a bail bond agent today.


5 November 2020

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