Helping A Loved One Get Bailed Out Of Jail


Did one of your loved ones call you from jail asking for your assistance to get bailed out? If you want to help your loved one out but do not have enough money to post the full bond amount, there is another way to go about resolving the situation. You can contact a bail bondsman to get assistance with bailing your loved one out of jail, but you must be prepared to sign a contract. You could look at getting help from a bail bondsman as taking out a loan that must be paid back to avoid being held accountable in a court of law. This article has valuable information that will provide you with more insight about doing business will a bail bonds company.

What Does a Bail Bonds Contract Contain?

A bail bonds contract states the terms pertaining to the money that is being used to bail an arrestee out of jail. For example, a bail bonds company will make it clear in the contract that the money is being used as a loan, as well as when it should be paid back. As with other types of loans, a bail bonds contract will also list any collateral that is used as a backup in case you are unable to pay the loan back. The premium that is paid to the bail bondsman will be detailed in the contract as well, stipulating that the money may be non-refundable if certain stipulations are met. The premium on a bail bond is usually a small percentage of the overall cost to bail an arrestee out of jail.

Does a Bail Bondsman Need Information About the Arrestee?

Before your loved one can be bailed out of jail, a bondsman will need a few pieces of information from you to help with the process. For example, a bondsman will need to know the location of the jail facility that your loved one is booked at. You will also need to provide your loved one's inmate number, which can be obtained from the jail staff if you did not get it from your loved one when they called. Their full legal name, birth date, and a few other pieces of information might be requested from a bondsman as well.

What Happens After a Bondsman Has Posted Bail?

After your loved one has been bailed out of jail by a bondsman, they must abide by a few rules. For example, he or she will be required to go to court, as his or her case must still be resolved. He or she may be required to stay in town as well, but it depends on his or her specific legal situation. If your loved one skips court, it can lead to the bond being forfeited by the court, which can result in you losing money or the assets that were used as collateral.

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13 April 2022

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