3 Obstacles That Bail Bonds Can Help Overcome


An individual who has been arrested and then placed in jail can also be kept there until their trial. This is usually the case if they pose a safety risk to others or a flight risk themselves. Yet there are many instances in which innocent people who have been accused of non-violent crimes may also be required to post bail. Bail is an amount of money set by a judge that must be paid to the court in full, and that can successfully secure their release from jail. If someone you know is being kept on bail and it seems like an impossible situation to navigate, keep reading below to learn about some of the biggest ways bail bonds can help.

Obstacle #1: Payment in Full

The primary benefit of bail bonds is that they allow you to pay the court a significant amount of money — usually several thousand dollars — right away. Without a bail bond, you may be forced to sell other assets, scrape together spare cash from friends and relatives, or take out an emergency loan with a high-interest rate. All of this can take several days or more, which is time that a person in jail can scarcely afford to lose. Luckily, many bail bond offices are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you can take advantage of their services whenever you need to.

Obstacle #2: Understanding Legal Agreements

Another obstacle that bail bonds can help to overcome is the confusing nature of legal agreements which arise in the wake of an arrest. In order to be set free on bail, the accused must promise to uphold their outstanding obligations, namely to appear in court on one or several dates. The documents that reflect this agreement (and the relevant dates) can be difficult to understand, but a bail bonds service can easily sort it out for you.

Obstacle #3: Getting Back to Work

Being arrested and put in jail can be hard to deal with for someone who is currently employed. They may fear that the recent charges will cause them to miss time they cannot afford to, or perhaps put them out of work completely. While this can no doubt be a stressful time, many bail bonds services work with recently arrested individuals to ensure a smooth transition back home and can offer advice about the best steps to take next. 

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10 March 2023

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