3 Ways A Bail Bondsman Can Make Posting Bail Easier


Discovering that someone you care about is in jail can be an emotional experience. In this situation, the first thing many people think of is that they must find a way to post bail and get their loved one released from custody. Unfortunately, completing this task isn't always easy. The good news is, turning to a bail bondsman for help can make the situation a bit easier. Continue reading to find out three ways that a bondsman can make posting bail easier for you.

#1: No Need To Wait For Regular Business Hours

To minimize labor costs, many jails only keep their cash bail office open during regular business hours. This means that if your loved one is arrested outside of normal business hours, you may have to wait several hours or even days before you can post bail using a cash payment. A bail bondsman can eliminate this waiting period and secure your loved one's release much faster. This is because bail bondsmen can deliver bonds to the jail 24/7 even if the cash office is closed. This means that they can get your loved one out of jail no matter what time it is. 

#2: You Don't Need All The Money Upfront

If your ability to post bail is being held up by the fact you don't have the full amount of the bail, turning to a bail bondsman for help will be your best course of action. This is because bondsmen don't require you to pay the whole bail amount for a bond to be issued. Instead, you will be required to pay fees that are equal to a low percentage of the total bail amount. You will also be required to sign documents stating that you take full responsibility for covering the entire value of the bond and any fees if your loved one fails to live up to the terms of their bail and the bond funds are surrendered to the court. The bondsman then issues the bond based on these loan documents.

#3: You Never Need To Go To The Jail

If you're struggling to find time to get to the jail during business hours, a bail bondsman can help by eliminating the need for you to visit  in person. Some bondsmen will even be able to complete the necessary documentation via fax or email if you are unable to visit the bail bonds office in person due to your location or physical limitations. 


24 July 2023

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